Serving Commercial Clients

We play a leading role in offering our refrigeration services to our commercial clients. Specializing in these services, we set up your cooling systems based on your requirements. We offer solutions for large and small premises, and specialize in setting up walk-in freezers particular meant for food storage. Our support services are available as well in order to help you maintain and repair your cooling systems.

Being the most common heat rejection device in commercial and residential buildings, cooling towers are an essential part of their air conditioning system. These towers need to be serviced and cleaned regularly, and we’re more than glad to run maintenance procedures for you. We will also make required adjustments and carry out repairs whenever required. During maintenance and repair procedures, we look into structural and mechanical components of the cooling towers, which include but are not limited to panels, fins, and floor, and water pumps, motors, fans and VFDs, respectively.

Commercial client needs tend to be different in many ways when compared to residential client needs. This is because these clients may require air conditioning and air quality control for a multitude of alternative purposes. This will be determined by the nature of each client’s business.

In the case of warehouses, for example, we are usually required to implement solutions that comprise powerful equipment within elaborate designs. The designing process itself can take several days and also involve a through approval process.

For general commercial cooling and heating solutions, we can design and implement solutions fairly quickly. These are usually solutions that are applied in a variety of businesses for the sake of maintaining a decent work environment that allows employees to work peacefully while keeping machinery and other systems in the work place at an optimum temperature.

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