Heat pumps pool heaters are very close relatives to heat pumps designed for Air Conditioning applications. Their functioning is essentially based on the same principle as ACs, but in this case we are interested in using the heat they generate to increase the temperature of the water being sent back to the swimming pool.

Usually heat pumps type pool heaters are compared to gas fired pool heaters and many people think that the last one is the best option; however, even when they are more expensive, due to their higher efficiency, the annual cost is typically lower and since they also last longer when properly maintained; savings are shown in the long run.

For this equipment to work efficiently (yes, they are efficient!!) it is mandatory to select the correct size considering the location, average temperature on the coolest months you use your pool, pool size, wind, desired pool water temperature and other important factors.

As close as they are to their siblings, the components are very similar, so it is the maintenance procedure, and Con-Mech, Inc will always be a phone call away and ready to work with your Pool Contractor to help you to design, install and provide all needed services for your pool heater, so that you can enjoy your outdoor paradise even in the coolest days of winter.

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