The importance of having an appropriate and well maintained ventilation system is sometimes misjudged. In the commercial sector where, for example, large parking garages are in operation, proper air movement is critical to maintain safe levels of hazardous gases like CO2, which can pose a health risk at concentrations around 5000ppm.

In the residential sector a simple and common exhaust fan in the bathroom ceiling is believed to have as a main function to extract undesirable odors; however, this is just a secondary role. In reality those small (and sometimes noisy) fans help to take out the moisture when taking a hot shower and reduce fumes from cleaning agents that could be harmful if inhaled in excess.

Proper ventilation is also needed to maintain correct pressure inside buildings and prevent backdrafts (outdoor air pulled into building) and proper air changes per hour, which is the amount of times the air inside a given room should be replaced by new air in one hour.

Now that you are looking at your ventilation needs from a different perspective, should you suspect your ventilation system needs to be inspected, do not hesitate to call us, we will be glad to help you.

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