Emergency A/C Repairs

We Will Find Out If Your Equipment Is Still Under Manufacturer Warranty And Will Place The Claim For You Even If We Did Not Install It, So That You Only Pay For Our Labor!

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When it comes to service or repair malfunctioning equipment, any time availability, promptness, expertise working with all type of equipment, and commitment to customer satisfaction are key factors to consider when selecting your HVAC company.

Availability and promptness: At CON-MECH, INC we will be there to assist our residential customers when they need it the most. Our 24 hrs. service will respond to your emergency any day, at any time, usually within an hour.

Expertise: Used to working with most brands and type of equipment, our technicians will not only be able to properly troubleshooting your equipment, but will also examine the possible causative factors for the malfunction to occur. This is extremely important to avoid re occurrence. Finding the roots of the problem is the only way to permanently eliminate it.

Committed to customer satisfaction: We will strive to fix your equipment, providing you the most cost effective solution, and professional advise when evaluating and diagnosing your equipment. We understand that air conditioners breakdowns can be cause of stress and extreme discomfort for residential customers, and in the unlikely event that an immediate solution is not possible, we will provide you a portable AC unit at not extra cost for one room while we work on getting whatever is needed to properly repair your equipment.

Please remember that the number one cause of equipment breakdown is a poor or neglected maintenance and regular service. CON-MECH, INC believes in periodic maintenance as the main mean of equipment failure prevention. Please check our Service Contract tab to find out our way to maximize the life span of the HVAC and Water Heating units in your home.

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