Serving Commercial Customers

As a dedicated HVAC Company, we understand that Better Air Quality and Temperature and Humidity control is crucial to guarantee a comfortable, healthy, and productive environment in commercial premises.

If you are a Property Manager, Chief Engineer, Maintenance Supervisor or in any way responsible for maintaining a healthy, productive, and confortable environment in a Hotel, Condo High Rise Building, Retail, Offices or Healthcare Facility, we are here to fulfill all your HVAC and Mechanical Systems needs; from new equipment installation, thru the most basic service and repair tasks.

At Con-Mech, Inc we combine our vast technical expertise with honesty, responsibility, respectfulness, and courtesy; values that we consider should always be an integral part of any team committed to customer satisfaction.

Commercial A/C Installation

We will help you to select the most reliable, efficient, and quiet equipment accordingly to its specific application.
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Commercial A/C Repairs

We are 24/7 ready to bring your equipment back to service in case of a failure or malfunction.

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Commercial Ductwork

From complete ductwork installation or replacement thru repairs and cleaning, we can definitively improve the Air Quality at your facility.
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Water Pumps

We will replace, refurbish, or repair your water pump-motor assemblies to guarantee optimum flow
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Cooling Towers

It’s a key and complex component of your Water Cooled AC system. We are here to help with its maintenance and repairs whenever needed.
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From exhaust fans on garages thru ventilation systems for mechanical rooms, we Install, Service and Maintain them.
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